Africa CAN and WILL feed itself

Africa CAN and WILL feed itselfIn a little bit more than 24 hours, I will have the privilege of being part of and experiencing the buzz of the sixth Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW6) organized by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) which will be focusing on “Africa feeding Africa through agricultural science and innovation”.

The readers of this blog will definitely know that this theme is very close to IFAD’s heart and one that we – at IFAD –  feel passionate about. At IFAD, we believe that Africa CAN feed Africa and more importantly we are convinced that Africa WILL feed Africa.

on 18 July 2013, IFAD President, Dr Kanayo Nwanze (@knwanze), a scientist by training and with a career spanning over three decades, will deliver the keynote address at the event highlighting the unprecedented opportunities that the agriculture sector offers and how by increasing investment in agriculture and in agricultural research, it is possible for Africa to FEED itself.

We are keen to hear about the innovations that researchers and scientists will be unveiling and discuss how:

  • the development community can make sure that smallholder farmers can take full advantage of agricultural growth
  • science and appropriate technology can bring about greater productivity, ensure food security for all, and doing all of this while respecting the environment.

We will be reporting live from the event on Twitter – @ifadnews, on Facebook, Google+ and on IFAD social reporting blog and proud to be part of #aasw6 social reporting team.

6 thoughts on “Africa CAN and WILL feed itself

  1. As the Thematic Support Officer at the IFAD Country Program Support Unit in Madagascar, I can say that IFAD Program on the field is working much to make this real. We are also working continuously on the knowledge management to learn and share our experiences. So proud to be part of this #AASW6 Social Media Team, and looking forward to interacting with IFAD President on 18 July 2013.

  2. This is indeed true “Africa can and will feed itself” BUT for that to happen, we need to bring the african youth on board. They’re the ones who will make this happen. Unfortunately, youth are the most neglected (by stakeholders & decision makers) on the continent. The youth too, have a bad attitude towards agriculture. They see no fame, money, future in agriculture! This MUST be changed for Africa to feed itself. Otherwise, foreigners are going to come and “grab” this fertile land, grow food on it and sell it to these same people. It is already happening, we need to act fast now.

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