Just how capable are we, anyway?

Capacity building for Africa means education and awareness on the incorporation of science and technology into agriculture.

Capacity building for Africa means building awareness on the incorporation of science and technology into agriculture.

Whoever says education is costly must not know the price of ignorance. Development and progress are continually sought after and hoped for by every person, but of dedication to achieve.

Agriculture is a nation’s heritage and its hope for the future. But goals for agricultural development cannot be realized without the input of advanced science and technologies, whether homegrown or exchanged internationally. Africa must  increase its efforts to build capacity for the incorporation of science and technology in agriculture.

Capacity strengthening is the increase in overall ability to create value or implement a technique, and it includes stimulating research in relevant areas, educating, and creating continuous awareness for a cause.

Historically, low agricultural productivity in African has been linked to the slow uptake of advanced technology and little incorporation of scientific developments into general agricultural management. More education on improved practices and effective guiding policies would create a better chance of producing skilled, capable and competent people involved in agriculture. Collective skills in technical, logistical and managerial areas all work together to strength overall development capacity.

How do you picture Africa tomorrow?

Agricultural innovation involves the extraction of value from the economy and knowledge from society. Generating new ideas, improving education, and increasing the ouput of technology results in significant changes in performance and sustainable development. A better Africa would be one with progressive incorporation of ideas and innovation over time in agricultural practices, a process which would also go a long way to reduce poverty and sustainably develop the economy.

Africans need to wake up and do what we have to do to achieve food security; we must feed future generations by broadening our minds, seeking and embracing new knowledge, and educating ourselves on innovative agricultural practices–the essence of capacity building. We are capable of greater agricultural productivity and sustainable development!

Blogpost by Olohi Ejere, a social media reporter for AASW6.

Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)


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