Videos bring science to the farmers

Bougouna Sogoba

Bougouna Sogoba: agro-economist and innovator, passionate about agricultural development

“I believe the dissemination of technologies is key to agricultural research for development”, says Bougouna Sogoba. Bougouna is the founder of the Malian Association of Awakening on Sustainable Development (AMEDD). He’s passionate about the transfer of technologies to farmers. “The 6th African Agriculture Science Week“, allows me to exchange ideas and build partnerships with peers from my own continent, who share the same passion”.

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Bougouna believes that scaling-up the acceptance of technology by farmers, is a key to agricultural development. And he has a bucket full of tips when it comes to technology dissemination at grassroots level. He condensed some of his ideas into videos. One of them “Farmers to Farmers, Fighting against Striga” was developed in partnership with the International Crop Research Institute (ICRISAT) and Access Agriculture focuses on “Integrated Striga” (a parasitic plant that can devastate crops like pearl millet or sorghum) and soil fertility management options.

The video introduces farmers on improved method of intercropping cereal with legume (such as cowpea and sorghum or groundnut), applying organic and mineral fertilizers, introducing crop management practice (such ridging or hand-pulling Striga when flowers) and growing a cereal variety that is resistant to Striga.

The video is being presented during the film festival of the FARA Africa Agriculture Science Week. If he wins a prize, Bougouna intends to produce more educational films to increase farmers’ access to agricultural technologies in Mali and in the sub-region.

His organisation, an NGO called the Malian Association of Awakening on Sustainable development (AMEDD) promotes the improvement of the living conditions in rural areas. For ten years now, AMEDD has worked with a series of development partners on building local skills, inter-actor dialogue and social projects.

Bougouna has been instrumental in introducing many simple technologies and techniques, including the use of contour lines and zai’s for better rainwater management and soil conservation on farms in semi-arid areas.

“Research must be in tune with the realities and needs of producers who are the end users and our role is to translate and adapt policies and technical projects to communities’ languages,” says Bougouna. AMEDD mostly works in South-Mali, around the areas of Koutiala, Sikasso, Tominian, Yorosso and San.

Blogpost by Agathe Diama, one of the AASW social reporters.

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