The bottom line for women in agriculture

Women farmers need the same access to land and inputs as men.

Women farmers need the same access to land and inputs as men.

As the saying goes, anything a man can do, a woman can do better. How, then, can we promote the involvement of women in the agricultural sector? To effectively, directly, and efficiently promote the empowerment of women in agriculture, we need to put the following points into consideration:

1. Training women professionals

2. Developing programmes for women farmers

3. Establishing linkages to other rural women’s groups

Despite the fact that women comprise half of the world’s population, they are not often recognised as proper farmers and even face discouragement and restrictions on making decisions about resource management for production. Giving women access to the resources they need could improve production rates from between 20 to 30 percent. By failing to close this gender gap, Africa and the world as a whole are paying very dearly.

Blogpost by Jonathan Onogwu, a social media reporter for AASW6.


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