Social Reporting at the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week (#AASW7)


FARA and CTA, in collaboration with YPARD and GFAR, are organising a social reporting activity in the framework of the FARA 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW7) from 13 – 16 June 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. To promote the event, its sessions, key messages and outcomes, about two hundred young social reporters (onsite and remote reporters) have been selected to cover the event.

For CTA, social reporting is a means to support capacity building and networking for youth in agriculture, apart from contributing to promote knowledge sharing on agricultural development challenges and opportunities. Therefore, CTA is supporting 8 young social reporters from across Africa (active in the CTA ARDYIS network) to join their Rwandan colleagues (from YPARD) for the social reporting.

The activity includes a day training session on the effective use of social reporting tools for selected onsite social reporters, followed by 4 days of using those skills for active social reporting, engaging conference participants and contributing to the overall outreach of the outcomes the science week. They will be supported by the online team, via social media, to amplify and increase the reach of the communication content that will generated onsite.

Pre-Conference e-Discussions

In addition, an e-discussion is organised by CTA around the themes of the science week to kick-start the engagement and to update social reporters and improve their understanding on some of the important issues that are linked to the themes of the conference. The e-discussion will hold from 06 – 11 June 2016, and is themed: “Youth and agriculture sciences in Africa”.

Specifically, the e-discussion is focusing on 3 themes of the conference (out of the total 5), while encouraging the discussants to respond to specific questions that are related to the themes. These themes are:

  • Theme 1: Institutional systems and policies for making science work for African agriculture
  • Theme 2: Sustainable financing of Science, Technology and Innovation for African agriculture
  • Theme 3: Human capital development and the Youth

The e-discussion is facilitated by eight volunteers (4 French; 4 English) from the social reporting group – which is another means of actively providing the space for young people to build their capacity – with the support of CTA, FARA, GFAR and YPARD. These facilitators will guide the discussions and summarise the key issues and points raised daily. At the end of the e-discussions, a mini-report based on youth’s perspectives on the themes of the science week will be put together.

The activity is implemented at CTA through the Agriculture Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society (ARDYIS) project. GFAR provides the social media trainer and support for the coordination of the onsite social reporting.

This blog is based on a post previously published by CTA
Picture courtesy Sibabalwe Qongqo

6 thoughts on “Social Reporting at the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week (#AASW7)

  1. Am very happy to be part of the social reporting team for this upcoming #AASW7 and i look forward to refreshing my skills and capacities on the use of Web2.0 tools and social media4dev! My thanks go to all stakeholders FARA,CTA,YPARD and GFAR for the great job they are doing to keep on empowering young Africans.

  2. My pleasure to be in this team of social reporting! Many thanks goes to GFAR,YPARD,CTA, FARA and our Government of Rwanda for organizing this event, we Rwandan we’re welcome all of you in our beautiful beloved country! Hope we’ll learn more from this #AASW7

  3. Am delighted to partake in the forthcoming AASW7 event as one of the social reporters. Lots of insights from the events will be made available for stakeholders, decision makers and other audience across the globe for immediate transformation of African agriculture. Thanks to GFAR, YPARD,CTA, FARA and Government of Rwanda.

  4. Suis ravi de participer à l’événement #AASW7 à venir comme l’un des journalistes sociaux. Beaucoup de connaissances seront mises à la disposition des parties prenantes, des décideurs et d’autres observateurs du monde agricole à travers le monde pour la transformation immédiate de l’agriculture africaine. Merci à GFAR, YPARD, le CTA, le FARA et gouvernement du rwandais.

  5. we really Recognise the activities of Facilitators. e-Discussion period was an opener of the mind which help us to think more about the Event. thank you

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