Kickstarting #AASW7

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Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, during his opening speech

On 13th June 2016 the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week and FARA assembly start in Kigali. During this international agricultural conference the speakers highlighted the key messages to advance the African agricultural, and the agribusiness development.

The FARA chairperson Dr. Charity Kruger stressed to participants implement the findings of the conference, and apply the needed policies. Dr. Charity Kruger said in 2019, we will come back to assess if we applied agricultural science to really impact livelihoods.

The European Union contributes considerably to the agriculture development in Rwanda and Africa in general. Michael Ryan, EU Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Rwanda stated that European Union is a major investor in agriculture and invested over 9 billions USD to advance the agribusiness economy.

H.E. Dr. Martial De-Paul Ikounga, Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology in Africa Union Commission emphasized to evolve the agriculture in Africa by putting it in the hands of people and Africans in general, to ensure a sustainable development. “Il faut prendre notre agriculture en main”, she said, “We have to take our agriculture in our hands”.

Youth, agribusiness and “youth in agribusiness” is central, according to Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the President Africa Development Bank. This sector can develop as long as investments attract young people to agriculture. He said: “I call for a great investment in agriculture. We must invest in youth and enable youth initiatives to grow. Africa must feed Africa”.

Hon Dr. Gerardine Mukeshimana, Rwandan Minister for Agriculture and Animal Resources highlighted the recent agricultural developments in Rwanda and thanked FARA to consider Rwanda as the right host for the conference.

The Prime Minister of Rwanda H.E. Anastase Murekezi, as a guest of honor in the opening ceremony, mentioned the impact that agricultural investments could bring to African people especially the youth. He said agribusiness investment in Africa should lead our continent to increase job creation for the youth of Africa and to expand Africa’s share on the global agricultural market.

Blogpost by Jean Baptiste Nyabyenda, jnyabyenda(at), #AASW7 social reporter.
This post represents the author’s views only.

Picture courtesy Bob Allen Karemera (CTA)

2 thoughts on “Kickstarting #AASW7

    Great news!
    Thanks for sharing with us these inspiring key notes on African Agriculture from our yesterday’s plenary session speakers !

    @Jean Baptiste, keep up the good job together with the whole Social Reporting Team.


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