Doctors for Farmers

Damien Nsabiyumve explaining the role of "plant doctors" through the "Plantwise" programme

Damien Nsabiyumve explaining the role of “plant doctors” in the “Plantwise” programme

The 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW7) organized by the Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa (FARA) is took place in Kigali-Rwanda from June 13-16. During this event many companies and organisations attended, and brought their products and services to market and share innovations from different regions.

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Incubating young agripreneurs…

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The biggest challenge Africa is facing is its high level of youth unemployment. 60% of of the unemployed in the continent are youth. And youth constitute 40% of the continent’s population.

African countries, institutions and partners are striving to reverse this negative trend, through different programs: Youth in Africa are being mobilized and empowered to grab opportunities. They should become job creators rather than job seekers.

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Producing more, naturally.

Vermicompost: a natural fertilizer

Vermicompost: a natural fertilizer

Crops need fertilizers to grow. Fertilizers, synthetic or organic, increase the quantity of essential nutrients boosting the growth of crops.

As the global population increases, the demand of food increases too. Often people are using more chemical fertilizers to increase their production. However, many say, the soil composition needs to be maintained by using organic fertilizers, instead of chemical fertilizers.

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Soyons concret!


Malgré “le vaste potentiel agricole dont dispose l’Afrique”, expression me paraissant de plus en plus “lapalissade” la faim et la malnutrition persistent sur le continent. En 2003, les chefs d’État africains avaient pris l’engagement de consacrer 10 pourcent de leur budget national à l’agriculture « conscients» de son l’importance dans le développement économique.
13 ans après, tous les pays ne semblent pas avoir atteint l’objectif et l’agriculture n’a pas tellement évoluer dans le continent.

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Africa needs to reduce its reliance food imports

Dr Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank visits exhibition booths at the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week

Dr Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank, visits exhibition booths at the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week

Agriculture experts are gathered in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss ways how Africa can transform its agriculture into a technology-based sector.

Dr Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank has announced his institution will invest $24 billion USD in agriculture on the continent in the next 10 years.

“The continent holds a significant part of the world’s arable land that cannot only produce food for itself but the bigger part of the world”, Dr Adesina said.

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“Nice Vision”: Growing Africa’s agribusiness…

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Agribusiness is the field I find most interesting, exciting, and satisfying. I I have worked diligently to increase my understanding and mastery of this field. I want to help society find answers for serious problems like hunger, food insecurity, poverty and socio-economic development. I want to set a good example for my community and for young people to show that we can become our own bosses, enjoy rewarding careers, and build our economy, if we fully invest in what we have.

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Africa embraces the opportunities

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How do we build capacity in agriculture innovation to increase productivity and farm incomes while continuing to develop systems sustainably? That was the topic of a special side event organized as part of the FARA 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW7) in Kigali.

Investors, stakeholders, and researchers met for to review and accelerate transformation of Africa agriculture. During the side event discussions centred on a new framework for capacity development for agriculture innovation systems.

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